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The coastline of Croatia is known to be home to some of the most stunning islands in the world, and of all the Boat Excursions in Croatia, Skver Tours offers the best. This is because Skver's headquarters are in Biograd, at the nexus of four national parks: Paklenica, Plitvice, Kornati, and Krka. Skver Tours organizes boat trips to the Kornati islands: specifically, to two major islands in the island chain close to Biograd area: Kornati National Park and Vrgada Island.

The tour guides are insightful and knowledgeable about the history of the land and its people, and as you tour either Kornati or Vrgada, they will point out historical sites that you would otherwise have missed.

National Park Kornati Photo Gallery

The land itself is a testament to Croatia's beauty, with olive orchards, vineyards, and sheep pastures actively being worked by people using timeless agricultural methods. The cost of the tour includes a great lunch, which can be enjoyed in the most beautiful surroundings imaginable. As far as Boat Excursions in Croatia go, Skver Tours' trip covers all bases.

If that weren't enough, these boat trips to the Kornati islands even include bathing in the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. You will come away awestruck and amazed from taking in the islands of Kornati or Vrgada, and you will have many, many pictures of beautiful, natural surroundings to show your family and friends back home. Whether you're a nature buff, you're fascinated by Croatian history, or you just want a relaxing day in beautiful surroundings, Skver Tours can give you one of the best Boat Excursions in Croatia you'll ever experience.

Besides the well known, traditional, one day excursions-  Kornati Island sightseeing, the dolphin pursuit, or panoramic Pasman channel tour, with  Skver Tours You can also plan the whole excursion from scratch,  whether Your main interest is in swimming, sightseeing, sea sports or gastronomical opportunities . For a group of at least 8 persons, we can design a special experience as a combination of  unforgettable tastes, smells and sights, along with with the sense of tradition and spirit of the area, that will be the best presented to you with the help of our captain and tour guide. For those that want to feel the beauty of it all without missing a single detail, we can arrange a multi-day cruise with the possibility of using indigneous fishing houses on the island.


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