Climbing NP Paklenica

  • Climbing NP Paklenica
  • Climbing NP Paklenica
  • Climbing NP Paklenica
  • Climbing NP Paklenica
  • Climbing NP Paklenica
Wealth of limestone rocks in Paklenica NP provides variety of routes for any fan of climbing.


Rock Climbing in Paklenica National Park



Short description:

Rock climbing is a great activity for both adults and children. It is a sport that strives to perfectly harmonize physical and mental abilities. That is why most of climbers and enthusiast rather explain it as a lifestyle and different kind of freedom that gets deep under your skin. To get a better feeling of what we’re talking about, try our climbing program, test your limits and feel the adrenaline. After arrival to Paklenica you get climbing equipment and instructor that will lead the climb for you, depending on your experience. We’ll teach you all the basics - from tying safety knots and usage of safety gear. The Instructor will keep you safe from potential risks.


Activity level:

Climbing experience is not necessary. Everyone can do it. Even the children can participate in rock climbing activities.  We have great experience in climbing with kids and seniors, and we’ll always adapt the climbing to our clients as individuals. Height of a route does not define its difficulty,  inclination and roughness of a surface are the key factor of toughness. How high the route you’ll climb will be, depends on your abilities and physical endurance.


Group size:

Max:  5 people per 1 instructor

In case of bad weather conditions we have the right to cancel all activities.  In that case, activities canceled by us will be fully refunded.


Location:         Paklenica NP                               

Season:           From April to October                    

Activity:           Rock climbing intro                           

Difficulty:         Easy/Moderate                             

Duration:         4 hours          

Price :...........................450,00 HRK      

Price includes:

- Climbing instructor and gear

- Entrancee fee to  NP

- Insurance



*Transfer and lunch can be arranged on request

** Participants on this level of rock climbing have to be at least 12 years old



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