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Unsurpassed beauty is what the biking enthusiast will find while exploring the trails surrounding Vrana Lake.

Since the Biograd Riviera  is one of the most rewarding areas for lovers of cycling and recreation, thanks to the vicinity of Vrana Lake, which to  admirers of adrenaline provides a numerous  tracks in its environment, either for beginners  for minimum degree of difficulty, either  for families with children, and also  to higher goals for advanced cyclists.

Begin the adventure of life and explore the district part of our region, and Vrana Lake-natural habitat of water birds.Enjoy the crystal fresh air and make your  vacation active.

There are dozens of bike routes available for the entire Zadar County. According to the international standardization of track division, we divide it into 3 major groups, road trails, mountain / MBT mountain bike and family trekking trails.

MBT trails are intended for driving outside of the substrate such as gravel road and ground with interesting ascents and descents, as well as a tour of the hidden parts destinations. The trails are classified according to the physical and technical demands. The physical demands are  related to the length and height  of climb slopes, while the technical complexity refers to the difficulty of the substrate  which to ride.

Technical complexity is defined in three subcategories: easy, medium and difficult.

Easy - mostly wide gravel roads without technically demanding parts adapted to all ages, as well as trekking bikes.

Medium - gravel and dirt roads of lower quality, technically demanding descent.Here  you need to be experienced in mountbiking.

Heavy - highly technical terrain, rocks or clay singletrail where you need to own  enviable skill  of  bike management. This is  for experienced and technically advanced cyclists, and require high-quality bikes.

In addition to the technical difficulty MBT tracks are categorized and physical weight also in three categories: light, medium and heavy.

Easy - these are the tracks of up to 25 kilometers and 500 meters altitude difference ascent. They are suitable for people who do not ride regularly, like cycling but rarely used bike.

Medium - runs from 25 to 40 kilometers and 1000 meters of altitude difference ascent. They are intended for amateur cyclists who regularly ride your bike.

Heavy - runs over 40 kilometers and over 1,000 meters of altitude difference ascent. They are intended for cyclists in the form of who regularly drive MBT throughout the year.

Family / trekking paths combine existing mountain bike and road bike trails. Trekking trails are suitable for the whole family.

These are some of the trails in our nearest destinations that we gladly recommend:


This trail passes very near the Vrana Lake. It is recommended that drivers basic fitness levels, with moderately challenging terrain coarser gravel road.

Start / Finish: Crow

Through: Lake Vrana

Overall length: 6.4 km

Physical Weight: 1/3

Technical weight: 1/3

Total ascent: 68 m


Undemanding route to the highest point of 50 meters. Start is in Biograd to the direction of the Vrana Lake.

Start / Finish: Biograd

Through: Vrana lake entrance

Overall length: 22.5 km

Physical Weight: 1/3

Technical weight: 1/3

Overall length: 72 km



This route represents a tour of Lake Vrana in its entirety. Passing by the ornithological reserve with many species of birds. This is one of the most valuable ornithological areas in Croatia. One small part of the trail ride on the main road, where it is needed cautious.

Start / Finish: Crow

Through Drage, Pakoštane

Overall length: 36.6 km

Physical Weight: 2/3

Technical weight: 1/3

Total ascent: 339 m




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