Banj - Pašman Island

  • Banj - Pašman Island
  • Banj - Pašman Island
  • Banj - Pašman Island
  • Banj - Pašman Island
  • Banj - Pašman Island
  • Banj - Pašman Island
"Those who drink water from Banj never want to leave it again"

Banj is a pleasant settlement of fishermen, and typical olive and wine producers. It's spread around Church of St. Kuzma and Damjan from 1356. From the surrounding hills one can enjoy a beautiful view of the Pašman canal. There is a saying that if you drink water from Banj in the spring, you will want to return to this peaceful place. The name Banj originates from the roman word Balnea which stands for spa. Discovered roman coins testify that Banji was populated in the Antic and that Romans have had their spa baths there.

The sea in this region is among the cleanest in the Adriatic, since the sea current alternates several times a day. Banj has sandy and shallow beaches  suitable for families with children. Hiking tracks that stretch troughout the island makes it favorable for hiking and mountain biking.

Pašman island is connected with bridge to Ugljan island, and with fairy lines to Biograd and Zadar, so you can reach other desired locations very easily.



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