Vrana lake Nature park

  • Vrana lake Nature park
  • Vrana lake Nature park
  • Vrana lake Nature park
  • Vrana lake Nature park
On one side is the indented Adriatic coast, known for its tempting purity and beauty, and on the other side is the largest natural lake in Croatia.

The lake is located between two historically rich cities, Zadar and Šibenik, and goes along Pakoštane i Pirovac 57km. It is an unusual combination of land and water that provides shelter to the most diverse plants and animals, offering everything they need to survive. So far, 256 bird species have been recorded. In addition to birds, fish also give value to the Park. 

In 1999, Vrana Lake and its surrounding area were declared as Nature Park. It is a natural habitat of more that 100 000 waterfowl and with its karst field and brackish water represents crypto-depression. A special feature of the Park is the Special Ornithological Reserve, which is included in the list of important ornithological areas in Europe due to its preservation of large reeds, the importance of biodiversity, exceptional scientific and ecological value. 

Vrana Lake Nature Park is suitable for relaxation, hiking, sightseeing and education, and various other activities can be found for those with an adrenaline spirit.



There are 50 km long bicycle paths around Vrana Lake, which differ in their difficulty level and landscape. Usually, cyclists start their route at the local church and climb the hill Majdan, which oversees the entire reverse, and they continue along the northern coast. It is recommended to visit the lookout ˝Kamenjak˝ located just above the middle of the lake and has a view of the entire lake, Pašman, Murter and the island of the Kornati National Park. Also a visit to Prosika is recommended to rest in the shade, a place where the lake and the sea meet. 


To get the full experience of Vrana Lake, decide to go kayaking. It is one of the active ways of visiting the lake to discover its hidden beauty.


The adrenaline park is located in the woods in an unique landscape. In the park you can test your skills by walking on hanging bridges and nets, wooden mushrooms and artificial rock. Within a park there is also a zipline for those who are the brave ones. This place is a great option for celebrating unforgettable children's birthdays. 


The electric train departs from Pakoštane and takes you to Vrana Lake Nature Park Ornithological Reserve, where you can observe and listen to the birds, and walk along a 600 m long educational trail. 


Vrana Lake is full of educational trails with information boards that will introduce you to the environment in which you are at the moment. Such as: educational trail ˝Birds˝, educational trail ˝Vidikovac Kamenjak˝, educational botanical trail, educational trail about fish, educational trail ˝Modrave-Prosika canal˝ and educational trail ˝Birds of prey˝.


For fishermen there is an option of fishing with the purchase of a fishing license in accordance with the Law on Freshwater Fisheries. There are daily, for several days and annual permits. Daily and several days permits don't require a fishing exam permit. For a complete fishing experience, fishermen have the option of renting fishing kayaks.


Maškovića Han belongs to the monument of civil Islamic culture in Europe and occupies the first place by the degree of preservation and its architectural qualities. It was finally renovated in 2015 as a hotel that offers various other offers for which you don't necessarily be a hotel guest, such as a visit to a museum, wine shop, souvenir shop, sauna, massage etc. and also offers organizational services.

Other attractive places to visit are: Old Town Vrana - Benedictine Monastery Gradina near the hill Osridak, peninsula Babin škoj, Venetian border guard post, Traditional bunja, olive groves Modrava and a lookout on the hill Majdan.



For more informations visit the official website of ˝Vrana Lake Nature Park˝: http://www.pp-vransko-jezero.hr/hr/opcenito/ 



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